Star Gazing Telescopes

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Telescopes for Stargazing Enthusiasts

See the planets, stars, and galaxies with excellent clarity. At Sight Scopes, you can find a large selection of premium telescopes for your astronomy hobby. We carry both refractor and reflector telescopes that will fit any stargazing enthusiast’s budget. Refractor telescopes are better for deep space observation, allowing you to see galaxies and nebulae. Our reflector telescopes will give you an up-close look of the moon and planets and are perfect options for beginners. You can find telescope kits that include a variety of essential accessories for amateur astronomers including multiple eyepieces, sturdy tripods, as well as software that allows you to download sky maps, research thousands of celestial objects, and plan your next stargazing session. We also have telescopes with smartphone mounts so you can take captivating photos and videos.

Find premium reflector and refractor telescopes at Sight Scopes